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“Electro – Iliev” Ltd. was founded in 2001. Its main subject of activity is building and repairs of power sites. In addition, other activities of the company have been developed, such as design, management and consulting of projects for building power transformer posts posts, cable lines, air deviations, street and part lighting, lighting, high voltage and week current installations in housing and public buildings and production halls.
“Electro – Iliev” Ltd. assists its clients during all stages of building theit power sites – design, complience and supervision. We work successfully with representatives of all institutions that give permission for putting in operation and legalization of a site.
The policy about quality of “Electro – Iliev” Ltd. obeys the main strategic aim of the company which is long term ensuring of a high competitiveness by constantly providing products which comply with the requirements of the clients and the relevant requirements of the normative documents.
The quality policy of the company is based on the process approach and on the following main principles:
Satisfying the complex requirements of clients, strict performance of undertaken commitments and constant ambition to build relationships of trust and correctness;
Applying a proven System for Management of Quality which aims to prove the ability of the company to provide products and services constantly which comply with the requirements of the clients, their needs and expectations;
The competence and the motivation of the staff are basic for achieving the quality aims and for increasing the achievements of the company. They are an important factor for improving the electric fitting activity and for ensuring high quality of the provided products and services.
Applying modern organization in the electric fitting activity, introducing new technologies and using modern mechanization for improving the quality of the electric fitting works; We use high quality materials and observe their quality in our work to guarantee the quality of the end product.
Ambition for a constant improvement of our products and services and increasing the efficiency of the System for Management of Quality to maintain the achieved positions on the market and stability of the profit.
Observing the requirements of the normative documents for ensuring healthy and safe work conditions while performing electric fitting works and the safety of the users of our products and conservation of the environment;
Establishing and maintaining relationships with the suppliers based on mutually beneficial cooperation which increases our opportunities for more effective work;